Varicose veins are both unsightly and painful. Call (888) 352-9310 today to schedule a consultation to learn which treatment would be best for you.

Laser Removal of Veins

Laser removal of veins is a noninvasive method of removing veins using the CoolTouch 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser. This is an in-office procedure that can be used on blood vessels in all parts of the body. This therapy is most effective with facial spider veins and rosacea.

In this type of procedure, the laser generates an intense pulse of light which we direct over the treatment area through a small, cooled hand piece. This keeps the skin protected from the heat of the light emission. The laser energy passes through the skin to the targeted blood vessels. The color or pigment of the blood causes those cells to absorb the energy, causing damage, and eventually elimination of the selected problem areas.

Blood vessels on the nose, face, and in some cases legs and ankles are treated with this laser therapy. This is an excellent alternative to sclerotherapy for smaller veins which are difficult to treat with injections due to their size. This sort of procedure is non-invasive, so there is no healing time following the procedure. For more information on the laser removal of veins, please contact us for a consultation today.

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